Thankful for the Giver

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for. We can be thankful for our family, friends, or your boo. Being someone’s god-mother, being someone’s adopted parents (being adopted), or being a person who another person only has. But today I woke up with a heart to thank God for who he is. He is the giver of why we are thankful. He’s the reason why we are still on this Earth.

I know some of you have lost your family members around this time or maybe they passed away years ago, and they couldn’t be with you for this holiday. My heart goes out to you and I send my condolences your way.

Whatever the case may be that doesn’t mean you should stop giving thanks.Gives thanks for what you do have and not look at the things you don’t. What if you didn’t have those things would you still be thankful for the Giver? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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