Purposed Cry

I woke up crying before, I cry when God gives me a revelation, I even cry when I don’t know what that revelation is, I also cry when God gives me some unexpected news. Last night I believe I discovered something that I actually didn’t want to believe, but believed it at the same time. I cried last night and God wouldn’t allow me to go to sleep until I received what he was trying to tell me. I kept trying to go to sleep, but it kept coming up in my spirit. I believe that was God’s way of saying, “My purpose will prevail in your life, it’s going to come to pass, all I need you to do is receive it.”

I might see this as far off, but he doesn’t

I would like to share something with you all. The other day the Lord had given me a beautiful revelation regarding my future. This revelation consisted of something I’m not even trying to think of right now. So I was thinking to myself, like…Ok. I see this as far off but I’d rather look at it through God’s perspective and think, he wants me to know this. He gave me this revelation for a reason. I might see this as far off, but he doesn’t. All I can do is just praise God.