Valentines Day Realization

For the past week and this one as well I have been reading a book called What Are You Waiting For? by Dannah Gresh. I had just finished it last night. So in honor of valentines Day I would to share with you all something that has caught my eye that would be appropriate for this special day.

It is within the book of the 14th chapter entitled Finding Yada. For those of you who don’t know, here’s what yada means:

Yada is a Hebrew word that means to know, to be known, to be deeply respected

but I would encourage you to buy the book to get the full meaning of it.

This chapter covers about finding yada, about knowing if someone is “the one”. Dannah gives us five points as determining if someone is and in fact “the one”.

*Gave Himself Up for Her
* Washing of Water with the Word
*Having No Spot or Wrinkle
*Nourishes and Cherishes

Gave Himself Up for Her to be a complete gentleman like opening doors for you, pulling out chairs for you, and all around is just respectful of you.

Washing of Water With the word– to have a relationship with your guy that instead you being alone by yourself reading the bible he’ll be right there reading it with you. I believe this guy is suppose to encourage is girl to be in her word everyday whether she feels like it or not. He’ll want to share his love of the word with you.

Having No Spot or Wrinkle-Ladies, if you’re serious about your purity and protecting it he’ll make sure he won’t get in the way of that. He won’t follower the world’s definition of purity, but he will follow and pursue God’s definition of what purity is.

And lastly, he will nourish and cherish you. This also means to feed and care for you. Hell want to take of you in every way. This point is pretty much self explanatory.

Don’t you see it?


Gave himself up for you
He has given you his word
He is coming for a bride with no spot or wrinkle
Everyday he nourishes and cherishes you


He loves you

And even if Valentines Day was to disappear off of the face of our calendars his love will always be here. He loves you with an undying love. If it’s his will for you to be married, he’ll make that happen. And he’ll make sure that the man you are marry has these qualities as well. Be serious about God before you ever become serious about a man. Your man should be a reflection of who God is. Until he comes along allow yourself to accept the fact that

God is your husband first before any man

he has given himself up for you
He wants to wash you with his word
He is coming for a bride with no spot or wrinkle
Everyday he nourishes and cherishes you

He loves you
Happy Valentines Day ❤

No greater love

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