“God, when Is It Going To Happen? I’ve Done All I Can

In the month of January I had written a post entitled God, when is it going to happen? Just celebrate. In this month, November, I find myself faced against the same question.

“God, when is it going to happen?”

Here I go again.

Here the enemy goes again trying to make me anxious.

When I first wrote the post I didn’t know my full instructions, I didn’t know where I was going, & didn’t know what know now. If I didn’t get anything from this journey, I got this…

With big faith comes big responsibilities.

Yes, this is true. If you have faith that’s BIG,for God to do something BIG in your life, you better have the conditions to that BIG faith to back it up. You also have to have patience,and a lot of it. Trust is mingled with these two, but your faith has to be greater than the three because without faith it is impossible to please God.

So, let me tell you how I’m feeling in my life right now.

I’m not sad, I’m still happy.

I Thought something was going to work out, and it didn’t, but I’m still hopeful.

I’m anxious, but God won’t allow me to be.

Before I had gone through this period God had allowed me to know two things.

He’s gone before me.
Trust God.

Or you could read it like this…

Trust God because he’s gone before you and he’s already made a way.

I was reading my earlier post before I went to bed. And something surprised me of what I

Don’t Give In!

I’m in a place where I’ve done all I can do. I’ve prayed, I’ve fasted, and obeyed the steps
that God has ordered. Now I’m in a place where this question has come up again.

God, when is it going to happen?

When I realized this question had came up again I realized that I could do something else.Not only can I celerbrate because I’ve endured this long but, I can also trust God. I can trust that he has heard my prayers, that he knows I’ve fasted, and I’ve obeyed his orders.Giving up that’s not an option.

If you’re in the same situation don’t give in. God has heard yourprayers, he knows you’vefasted, and he’s pleased that you have obeyed the steps that he has ordered. So not only just celerbrate,but trust God he will bring that promise to pass.


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