Chew On This: God’s Presence

Early this morning I had a dream of the goal that God and I are striving to reach at this point in my life. In the dream I was worshiping God for the thing that I wanted that now had came to pass. It was almost like I was thinking of what it would be like, but I was sleep. Before the thing had came to pass I was worshiping God because what he had spoken now has been made known.

As I was listening to my pastor on the radio, there was an old sermon he had preached last year asking the question, “Where Is My Alter?”

In this sermon two questions were brought up that I had to ask myself…

I know you want__, but is that all you want? 
can people look at my life and see God’s presence?

As I was thinking of those questions I started to cry because this speaks to my life now more than ever.

When the promise does finally come to pass am I going to give God glory, or am I just going to take the promise and run with it and never talk to God again?

Does my intimate time with God in private shine on the outside when others see me worship or dance and know for sure that I have spent time with God?

God’s presence is everything. As I’m writing this I”m reminded in the bible in the book of Exodus where Moses says, “If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” I believe Moses meant every word.

In God’s presence there is fullness of joy. It’s going to bring him joy when you get the promise, but is that all you want? That’s not all I want, and you shouldn’t want that either. You should want his presence to go with you, before you, and after you. You should have His presence all around you. In his presence are things happening that normally wouldn’t happen, in His presence is God’s direction and instruction, in His presence is the Lord himself who gave you the strength to persevere so that you can get the thing God has promised you. 

Remember, God’s presence is everything. If God’s not going, you shouldn’t want to go either because you won’t get Him.

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