Chew On This: God’s Love

I was just thinking last night on the blood that was shed for the sins of the whole world. It went something like this:

I see Jesus’ blood as love. So, Jesus shed his love for what we think I love so that we will no longer be in love wit Satan’s hatred, but be in love with The One who gave love.

The bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. But before it says that it says that we should love each other deeply. The two greatest commandments in the bible are:

Love God, and love people.

And I thought to myself, love covers so you won’t have room to hate.

God is love. So, God covers a multitude of sins. He’s not trying to conceal the sins, but expose it for what it truly is. It Satan’s hatred being displayed all over this world because of his hate for God. He will use the ones God had created to display his hate. Think about this, this is why God’s love needs to be displayed all the more. How can God’s love be displayed if his people don’t show it?

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