If I’m giving Up On God I’m Giving Up On His Promise If I Give Up On His Promise I’m Giving Up On The Purpose Attached To It

Yesterday’s moment was not an easy moment for me. The moment was brought up prior to yesterday; I couple of months ago. A couple of months ago I cried about it, but yesterday I left the situation and stood on what God had told me regarding a promise. I didn’t shed a tear.

I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t explain myself. In 2011 I found out something I didn’t want to find out. By isolationg myself from the news God had let me know something was important for me to hear. So that’s the reason why I’m still enduring with what God promised me. A couple of days after that I had gotten confirmation from God, through my pastor, saying the same thing that God had told me while he was preaching. And I believe from that day
on I was going to stand on what God had said. Now almost three years later I’m still standing, I may have doubted (that’s a part of a testimony), but I’m still standing. Now I know what the purpose is attached to this promise that God is going to give me. And now that I know about that purpose I was thinking of that purpose when the situation had come.

This morning I asked myself this question:
Why would I give up when I know the truth?

If I’m giving up on god I’m giving up on his promise if I give up his promise I’m giving up on the purpose attached to it.

This may sound crazy but because of what God told me, like I stated before, I’m still enduring. That day in 2011 I was going to leave the promise. Now because I know the deeper truth to the promise I’m in a deeper imprisonment
(in a good way) to trust God even more. When you have truth of God, why would you leave? Why would you give up? Endure because all of God’s promises are yes and amen. It seems like the more deeper I go the more truth I get and the more truth I get the more I’ll be tested. The more I get tested the more I’ll be able
to perservere and not by swayed. The same goes for you my family don’t give up.