A year After The First Dance

(sighs happily) It’s been a year since I’ve first  danced in front of my church’s congregation. That day was filled with un expectancy and glory to God. It was either last year or the year before that I decided that I’m no longer am going to limit myself all because of my condition (I was born with cerebral palsy-but that’s another testimony for another time). And so I’m getting ready to take you into what God has done through me.

Growing up I always danced but when it came to me actually thinking of dancing I’d say it couldn’t be done, God proved me wrong.

I am is a song that is powerful to me because it stands for who God is. What even makes it more powerful is that Eddie James was singing this song in first person as if God was singing through him. At the time of me really getting to know this song I was getting to know who God is and this love of dance that he has put in me. So when I was done with the dance it was time to share it.

I remember stepping in front very nervous, but ready. My true only audience member was God, he was getting ready to actually witness what he has done through me. I didn’t stop until I almost got to the bridge of the song. After that, I kept going. When it was over I thanked God and went to go hug my dad who was in the front, and the director. I also got showed love from the other members of the Church as well.

There’s really nothing much else to say, but I really enjoyed that day. It was my first time dancing in front of people. Since that day God has unleashed a passion of dance in me like I’ve never none before. In the year 2013 I’ve gotten to got to different churches to dance as well. The year even ended with me dancing in Atlanta. I believe God will take me further and beyond with the talent he has given me.  thank God for the gift he has given me, the gift of dance


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