My friend Nekesa’s Poem about me. This is beautiful!

I met a young woman who could barely walk

But who stood on a stage and danced for you

I realized then that I had sinned,

I had buried my gifts and there was no excuse –

You gave me two feet and you gave me two hands,

You gave me a voice and surrounded me with love

You gave me a meal, yes, more than one,

And above all the honor of knowing your Son –

Who died for me and set me free

Who sent me out to love as He,

But what I’d done for twenty years

Was hide from you and shut my ears

I’d robbed you of your voice to the world,

And made excuses that were simply pathetic and sad –

Like how I just wasn’t good enough

How I was “waiting for the right moment” to spread your word,

Or how scared I…

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